Projecting and implementation

The studio works in different directions, we are equally interested in creating both modern installations at the intersection of science and art, thematic entertainment projects and family recreation centers.
An idea is the foundation of any project. When a concept is approved, we move on to sketches and scripting.
Initially, we develop the design, architectural and engineering solutions - where special attention is paid to details. Our creative team consists of creative directors, architects, engineers, illustrators, sculptors and landscape designers - when we come together, the most unusual solutions are born. Creating projects is a fascinating process, and each project teaches us something new.
The implementation of a project requires a wide range of skills, techniques and engineering solutions. It is important to consider the specifics of each object, attraction, economy and comfort of visitors.

Our projects
The studio has developed and created a unique project that invites visitors to go on a boat - a drakkars into the world of fantastic creatures. Some of its inhabitants are already familiar to the viewer since childhood, others are yet to be met.

By artists, landscapes created, realistic characters, visual, acoustic and sensory special effects provide a full immersion in the reality of what is happening.

Us were inspired to create this project the book of Lewis Carroll, where Alice finds herself behind the other side of the mirror in an irrational world, where time goes backwards and the heroes live by the etiquette of Victorian England. From the very first steps of the exhibition, visitors are immersed in the atmosphere behind the looking mirror world. To create endless spaces and optical illusions, we have developed and installed a special system of mirrors and projections.

The project is based on the real story of the Oliver mansion in Pennsylvania in the United States, as well as the experiments of parapsychologist Raymond Moody, who created a mirror "vision Chamber" on the top floor of a mill in Alabama, where he conducted unusual experiments. At the beginning of the last century, the family that lived in this house strangely disappeared.

Visitors take a walk through the family mansion, in the interiors of the early 20th century. A separate floor is occupied by a PANOPTICON from archaeological expeditions. The story that took place within the walls of the house is gradually revealed to the audience.