The main direction is installations at the junction of fine arts, music and engineering. We experiment with different natural materials and elements such as light and electricity, water and wind, ice and even liquid metal. We are interested in urban performance as well as the synthesis of classical and contemporary art.

Our Projects
Traveling in the Russian North, we were inspired by its icy beauty and pristine originality. The fruit of ethnographic research was the art-project " SUN OF THE NORTH» The presented art objects are at the junction of natural phenomena and high technologies.
This is an audiovisual interactive installation from the ice, part of the triptych "Sun of the North".

When you touch the ice pipes of an organ, the instrument starts to sound and the coloured illumination is activated. The organ can be played by several people at the same time. Disharmony is impossible in any combination.

The musical samples for the installation were written by the titular organist of the Roman Catholic Cathedral, Anna Velugina. The art object was presented in Moskow in the Bauman Garden in winter 2016 and became an innovative ice installation in the world.

Festival "Cinemaphone" is a kind of immersion in the first third of the twentieth century - the time of the beginning way of the cinematograf .

The project allowed the modern audience to get acquainted with already forgotten films of the silent film epoch, where the shots of the first science-fiction film "Space Flight" were accompanied by organ music and "Galaxy" choral mystery in the spirit of medieval European theatre. Special guests of the project Yulia Kullman and Vadim Samokhin sounded several Russian films on the piano.