The path is for those who walk
Yana Kovalskaya
The path is for those who walk
Yana Kovalskaya

From 2007 to 2013 studied film and TV at the Gerasimov National University of Cinematography.
Studied Photography, Painting, Archaeology, Architecture


Producer, Screenwriter, Artist, Photographer, Architect
Ideologist of the art group "Fotometria"
Artistic director of Animax studio


Started working in film during her first year at university.
Has made a number of short films such as "The Laundress", "The Exit", "The Lady in Red" and a number of TV shows on NTV channels. , "The Way Out", "The Lady in Red", "The letters from God".
Worked on a series of TV shows on the Disney and CTC channels as well as
a series of commercials for the company "VITEK".
Film "The Way Out" was nominated at the Shot Film Awards New York 2015 in the category
"Outstanding styling in short film"


  • 2015 /Ice Organ, in collaboration with Timofey Korshunov. Temporary installation commissioned by Bauman Garden, Moscow. Art group "Photometry"
  • 2015/ Art director and manager of the Reflexionen des Geistes FilmFestival Germany. Erlanburg.
  • 2015 / Concept/Photometry, Digital Festival for Gorky Park, Moscow
  • 2016 /CINEMAFON, in cooperation with the Roman Catholic Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary - silent film and organ music festival commissioned by Serpentine Gallery, Moscow
  • 2017/ Sun of the North, together with Timofey Korshunov, developed a triptych of sensory installations. art group Photometry.
  • 2018/ LeD Bike - concept/dynamic installation for urban events , Moscow
  • 2021/ Soaring Gardens - Parametric levitating garden (25 metres high) equipped with a special fog system that creates a floating effect . A panoramic lift /KSA/passes through the centre of the structure


  • 2013. Producer and scriptwriter of the programme "Archimavirus"/International format/ Purpose of the programme: to open the original national culture and nature of Russia and the CIS to the world, through features of traditional cuisine, history and ethnic traditions / Anton Chekhov - "Seagull"/ Gurzów/ Nicholas Gogol - "Kupala Night "/ Sorochintsy/ Niko Pirosmani "Margarite de Sevres" Tbilisi//
  • 2014/ House of Professor Paulus or "The Spirit Trapper" author, visual concept
  • «ICEMAGIC" is an entirely new project based on Fotometria's research and development. A palace recreated out of ice with interactive audio-visual, multimedia and ice installations that work by touch (ice organs, crystals, sculptures). Author
  • 2016/ Slavnianska Kultury and Mythology Park / commissioned by Big Fanny / concept/
  • 2017/ "In Escher's Perspective" - the whole world is an illusion. Mathematics, art and logical paradoxes are recreated in an interactive space with multimedia elements.
  • 2017/ PANGEA - Another Earth. What was our planet like before the dinosaurs, and who inhabited it? It turns out that before the dinosaurs, there were mammals and huge sea monsters. Studio Animax decided to recreate animatronic moving replicas of animals that lived 300 million years ago.
  • 2018 "World of Fantastic Beings" author, author, visual concept, production, Russia/(VDNH)/KSA
  • 2018 "Inhabitants of the universe". Based on National Geographic research (Daniel M. Smith, Suzy Boyles, Tim Lambert) / concept
  • 2018 "The Secrets of Da Vinci" / developed by for the "Museum of Moscow".
    In collaboration with Anna Oparina.
    An interactive space revealing Leonardo's works and research from an unusual angle. Here you will be in a camera obscura and resting under a tree you can observe how the Golden Ratio is arranged in nature. 2017
  • 2019/ "MOTELl" author, script, visual concept KSA /
  • 2019/ "Pennsylvania" (working name) author, script, visual concept KSA
  • 2020/Jules Verne Universe /Author, screenplay, visual concept/СCH (Moscow)
  • 2019/"Forbidden methods of psychiatry". commissioned by "Big Creative Company" /Author. concept, exhibits /Spain. Barcelona
  • "Alice Through the Looking Glass" author, visual concept, production /Barcelona, Spain/ 2019, St Petersburg/Russia/ 2020
  • 2021/TIME TRAWEL PARK - author. concept. 2020 ( Includes several tnmatic zones) KSA
  • 2021/Cyber -Punk - (real game) Concept Author/КCA/
  • 2021 The Witcher's Witcher - (real game) Author Concept/ KSA/
  • 2021/ Hotel "SITEL" - guests are transported into the atmosphere from the film /author/
  • 2022/The author and creator of the "Magic park" Russia/ Sochi
  • 2023/ The author of "Alice in Wonderland" /The author of "SARGON" concept/ KSA

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